Who are you?

Why should I buy your products?
I didn't say you should buy my products.

Is this legal?

Are you sure?

Do you do returns?
For damaged and misprinted products, yes!
For sizing issues, no. Size charts are available for your convenience.

How do I keep my shirts and hoodies in the best shape?
Follow the Wash Instructions I have provided.
In short, turn them inside out to wash, cold water, gentle cycle if available.

Your products are extremely affordable, but far too stupid for me to justify paying full price.
That isn't a question, but I understand. Follow Post-America on social media (bottom of the sidebar) and watch Post-America TV for discount codes. All orders are shipped with a discount code on the packing slip as well.

Sigh. Okay. What kind of person buys these products?
Here is an artist's rendering of the average Post-America customer:

What's the deal with the orb?
They don't tell me.

Why's it in a pyramid now?
Look, I just make these t-shirts.

Who makes the videos and the music?

I thought you just made the t-shirts.
No that was me.

I've been speaking to two different people?

Oh. Well. I like your web-site.
Thank you. If you don't use the discount codes, it's like giving me a tip.

I'm not in the habit of tipping the web-masters of web-sites I enjoy.
That's fine. But I'm not just the webmaster. I also **** ******.

Oh! Huh?
Join the Patreon to find out more about how I **** ******. When I'm not making T-Shirts.